Women’s Plus Size Dusters – Where To Buy

You’ve most likely seen or met someone wearing a duster; and there is also a great possibility that you have one or two yourself. However, if you are one of those who have been wondering where to buy women’s dusters, and particularly where to buy women’s plus size dusters, then this is for you.

Dusters are easy to wear clothing for layering that can be styled in multiple ways. There are duster hoodies, duster vests, duster coats, duster cardigans, duster kimonos, and probably more. You can get them in a variety of prints, patterns, or in solid colors; and with all kinds of designs or accents. They are also available in many fabric types and with different levels of thickness. This makes them perfect to wear from spring to fall. You could even make it work for winter, if you’re also in good ol’ Texas where we sometimes get summer-like temperatures in the middle of winter.

Dusters are so versatile that you can wear them to work, wear them to run errands or lounge at home, dress them up for going out, or wear them as a swimsuit cover-up at the beach.

These are a few dusters and where you would find them in extended sizes as well as in a variety of patterns and colors. Layer them your way or style as pictured and you have your complete spring duster outfit!

Print Chiffon Maxi Duster

Where to buy: Torrid.

Price:  $43.98.

Sizes: L to 6X.

Colors: As pictured.

Print Chiffon Maxi Duster

Floral Mesh Kimono Duster

Where to buy: Forever 21.

Price: $19.90.

Sizes: 0X to 3X.

Cold Shoulder Duster Vest

Where to buy: Venus.

Price: $36.99.

Sizes: L to 3X.

Colors: Red, Black.
Cold Shoulder Duster Vest

Grommet Lightweight Duster

Where to buy: Macy’s.

Price: $63.99. Get it for $44.79 with offer code VIP (offer ends March 25th).

Sizes: 0X to 3X.

Colors: Heather Grey, Black.

Grommet Lightweight Duster

Sleeveless Chiffon Maxi Duster

Where to buy: Amazon.

Price: $15 to $22 (depends on color and size selected).

Sizes: S to XXL.

Colors: Army Green, Black, Wine, Brown.

Sleeveless Chiffon Maxi Duster

Pointelle-Stitch Duster

Where to buy: Macy’s.

Price: $44.99. Get it for $34.99 (with offer code VIP; offer ends March 25th).

Sizes: 0X to 3X.

Colors: Black, Charcoal, Oatmeal.

Pointelle-Stitch Duster

Bandanna Border Print Kimono

Where to buy: Torrid.

Price: $41.17.

Sizes: L to 6X.

Colors: As in picture.

Bandana Border Print Kimono Duster

Short Sleeve Woven Duster

Where to buy: JCPenney.

Price: $19.99. Get it for $15.99 with offer code COOL30 (code expires March 21st).

Sizes: 0X to 5X.

Colors: Red Floral, Black Dots, Rose Cloud(pictured).

Short Sleeve Woven Duster

Dusters clearly present many options when it comes to how to wear them or what to wear them with. Besides the outfit combinations pictured, dusters can also be worn with a romper, jumpsuit, dress, or with a skirt and top. Honestly, they can be worn in as many ways as you can come up with. Add a tote, wristlet, or nothing, as the case may be, and you are good to go!

Are you into wearing dusters? How do you wear yours? Let me know what you think!


14 Replies to “Women’s Plus Size Dusters – Where To Buy”

  1. Thank You for this article. I recently started a new job where we have required logo shirts that we have to wear but everyone wears cardigans or dusters over them, I have been looking for the shorter length ones just like the Grommet Lightweight Duster.
    I’m so glad to see other options for plus size women.
    Thank You for sharing this. I will be visiting your site often to see whats new.

    1. Hi Pam! And congratulations on the new job! That’s the great thing about dusters; they can be worn with almost anything.
      And I’m sure you will look great with one over your logo shirt! 🙂

  2. oh my gosh Yasssssss i love them. such cool styles and that green one looks so nice. will definitely have to go through more of your site! love the styles xx

  3. I love the dusters you are presenting. Up till recently I didn’t own any and I always liked them. But now I have a couple and I can wear them with so many things and I love them. I was going to tell you my favorite of yours but I really cant decide. They all look great and very comfortable.

  4. Hey these are cool! I never realised that all those ‘things’ in my wardrobe were called dusters! Thanks for sharing these pictures, it’s given me some inspiration for layering my clothing and also some extra items I might need to buy – love love love the cold shoulder duster, that would be so versatile in both summer and the ‘shoulder’ seasons (pun intended).

  5. I had no idea that these are called ‘dusters,’ and I have 3 of them. I especially like the black stitch option!
    Do you have any suggestions on where us shorter girls can find these to fit? My sweater dusters are almost at my ankles!

    1. Hi Colleen! I haven’t really come across a lot of petite options. So I can only suggest not getting them in longer lengths. There are many options that are mid-thigh or knee-length if that’s what you prefer. Hope that helps! And thanks!

  6. I didn’t realise dusters came in such a wide variety of colours and designs, my favourite from the list shown is definitely the Bandana Border Print Kimono. Do you know if I can get these online or if there are any shops here in UK that will stock a similar design?

    1. Hi Anthea. You can certainly order these online. All of the items listed are items available for purchase online. The merchants may also ship to the UK. Thanks and hope you have a great day!

  7. Yeml, I love, love, love your design selections. You are obviously a fashionista. The duster just spices everything up. It kinda show you care just a tad bit more. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more design topics.

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