Spring Fashion Trends for Women

So far the runways have seen a couple of trends this year. Some spring fashion trends for women range from more than one handbag to bold colors to everything fringe. The amount of creativity that goes into the vast number of the runway styles cannot be denied. However, as attention-grabbing and intriguing as all the fashion on the runway usually is, I honestly often find myself looking at some of them thinking, “Where on earth would I wear that to?!” That is if I can afford it at all lol.

But over the years, I’ve learned to more or less summarize the runway trends, pick what I find appealing, and find those trends in items I am able to and would love to wear. I look at what the models are wearing, and just like we would for hard-to-do workout routines, I come up with a ‘modified version’ of the style in my head. I look for ways to make it wearable for me.

If an item is extremely see-through, I would picture it with a cami, tank top, or tank dress. If it’s too short, I’d consider finding a similar item that is longer or consider making it work with a pair of leggings. Too much cleavage? There’s a fix for that too. If the style or colors are too out there for my taste, then I’d seek out a more appealing alternative. And if it’s a dress, I may choose to get a similar style as a blouse, or a similar but more affordable dress.

There are many ways to make runway styles our own, or translate the trends into everyday looks. That is if we find them appealing. So next time you’re shopping for or putting together an outfit, you could look out for these latest fashion trends that have been inspired by the runway this year.


1. High Neck Maxi Dress     2. Off-The-Shoulder Top




1. Plaid Fringe Poncho    2. Plaid Boot Cut Pants

Bold Colors

1. Mint T-Strap Flats    2. Poppy Lace Dress   3. Mustard Leather Satchel




1. Shaggy Fringed Booties   2. Top Handle Specialty Fringe Bag   3. Fringe Hem Skinny Jeans   4. Essential Fringe Necklace



1. Sequin Sleeve Jacket    2. Asymmetric Hem Short Sleeve Sequin Shirt   3.  Gabrielle Union Sequin Palazzo Pants    4. Aldo Tamarind Cross-Body Bag



1. Maxi Dress    2. Tie-Neck Long Sleeve Blouse


When it comes to current fashion trends for women, keeping up could seem like a chore; for me at least. But I find that no matter what one’s style is, we can always still find some inspiration from current fashion trends. Add your own flair to it and you could very well be blazing the trail for yet another fashion trend!

Do you keep up with fashion trends? Why or why not? If you do, what are your favorites? Which ones, if any, are you now inspired to modify to suit your preference? Do share!