Plus Size Workout Clothes for Women – Getting Summer Ready in Style!

When it comes to plus size workout clothes for women, finding the perfect fit combined with the right style might be a chore. At some point, you may have even found yourself settling for regular tights or shorts and a t-shirt in place of actual active wear.

And that is totally fine! The most important thing is that we don’t let anything get in the way of our workout goals.

However, there are a number of stores with stylish and durable workout clothes for the full figured woman. So you really don’t have to settle.

Plus Size Workout Clothes for Women

Choosing the Best Plus Size Active Wear

Essential things to look out for when choosing the best plus size active wear are the fabric, how to wash, and how high or low the bottoms sit on the waistline. Once, you have the essentials, then you could also look out for any extras that you may prefer like hidden pockets, compression, or drawstrings.

Personally, I have to have drawstrings because I hate when my tights roll down at the waist. Drawstrings fix that by keeping it right where it should be – at the waist.

For sport bras, you should check what activity level they are made for, how much coverage it provides, and what type of closures they have, if any. If you’re a runner, certainly you don’t want to get a sports bra that was made for yoga. So high impact bras for high impact activities. You also want it to be fairly easy to put on and take off.

I buy only sport bras made for high impact activities. My reasoning is, if it’s good for high impact, it will be good for low impact too. But definitely not the other way round. So when in doubt, choose ‘high’ 🙂

Another key thing to note is that if you want your workout clothes to still be perfectly in use five years later, you would have to pay a little more for it. That is if you can of course. I promise you that in the long run, it will be totally worth it. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”; but in this case you will be getting more than what you paid for.

Where to Buy Plus Size Workout Clothes for Women


Athleta is the sportswear line of The Gap. Their sports bras are in sizes up to 40FF, while their bottoms and tops have sizes up to a 2X. They also have a variety of styles and designs to choose from.


Plus Size Workout Clothes - Essence Open Back Tank


Torrid also has everything from sports bras to hoodies, but they have more extended sizes than all the other stores mentioned here. Their sports bras go up to a size 50DD and the rest of their active wear go up to a size 6X.

Right now Torrid has a buy one get one, and a buy one get one 50% off sale going on. Don’t miss out! You can also go here for more buy one get free deals.

Plus Size Workout Clothes - Torrid Harry Porter Set


I still have a pair of capris that I got form Fabletics in 2012 or so. They are so comfortable that I wear them around the house and to run errands too. Despite being about 5 years old, they show no signs whatsoever of retiring anytime soon. They are that good and I love them!

Fabletics has sizes up to a 3X and many gorgeous colors and styles. And just so you know, I did not stay as a member of Fabletics; only because I didn’t see the need for a membership for gym clothes. I have nothing at all against memberships or subscriptions, but in this case I just got my capris and I got out.


Nike has a plus size section that includes everything from sports bras to hoodies and pull-overs. Their sizes go up to a 3X. They are another brand I’ve shopped with for workout capris and pants; and all items are still great and in use years after.

Plus Size Activewear for Women - Nike Running Crops

Nordstrom Rack

The great thing about Nordstrom Rack is that you can find brands like Nike there; and at very affordable prices too. You won’t find plus size sports bras here though(at the moment); but you would find other items in sizes up to a 3X.

Victoria Sports (formerly known as VSX?)

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is the active wear section of Victoria’s Secret. Although you won’t find workout clothes beyond an XL here, their sports bras go up to a size 40DDD. They have a lot of stylish workout clothes though. So if you are an XL or below, you’re in luck!

I got two of their front-close sport bras about three years ago and I still use them today. Great support for running and kick boxing. You can choose from support levels of minimum, medium, or maximum; depending on the activity you take part in.

Plus Size Active Wear for Women - VS

What other places do you find plus size workout clothes? And what do you look out for in workout clothes? Do share!