Cute Maternity Outfits

Cute maternity outfits, I think, are things every pregnant woman wants to have. Dare I say, needs to have? Yes, there are days when we couldn’t care less how we looked because of one (or two) of the many ‘growing pregnancy pains’. But, outside of that, we still want to look fairly cute at least. The best part is that maternity clothes have evolved over the years, and have become more and more fashionable. No more plain, over-sized, and style-less clothes. We can be very pregnant and still very fashionable. The challenge may just be in finding the right style for you.                                 

            “I’m pregnant and would love to look frumpy “.                                                          – said no pregnant mama ever!

I actually remember wearing my pants unbuttoned and half unzipped, while holding it up with a belt! I also wore long tank tops under many of my tops, to cover up for any shortness of my tops as a result of my growing tummy. Then the time came where I wore my husband’s t-shirts, his sandals (I had swollen feet during my first pregnancy), and even his joggers. All because I was looking for ways to be comfortable without having to actually get myself proper maternity clothes. Why? I still don’t know :/

Thankfully, from jumpsuits to dresses, tank tops to jackets, and from leggings to dress pants, maternity clothes are now readily available in almost any style you could think of and for every fashion preference. That is, whenever you’re ready to make the switch lol.

Outfit 1: From Work to Play.

Cute Maternity Outfits - Work to Play

Casual maternity clothing or outfits may be the easiest to put together. Comfortable stretchy leggings, flowy tunic top, embellished sandals,  jewelry or no jewelry, bag or no bag, and you’re still all set. Rompers and jumpsuits can also be trendy maternity clothes. Jumpsuits in particular can be casual wear, work wear, or for going out. It all depends on the style of the jumpsuit and what you wear it with. However, when you’re pregnant and taking frequent bathroom breaks, neither one may be the most convenient. But before the increased bathroom visits kick in, they could still be a stylish consideration.

Outfit 2: Casual Maternity.

Cute Maternity Outfit - Casual

Maternity clothes for work may prove to be the most challenging, especially if your workplace has set dress codes. I have worked in a Hospital and wore only scrubs to work. And I have worked in an organization where Casual-Friday was a big deal. I have also worked with another company where Casual-Fridays were non-existent, and we always had to be professionally dressed every day of the week. The differences in what is required in each work place present their own challenges when it comes to finding appropriate maternity clothes and shoes too.

Outfit 3: Maternity Work Wear.

Cute Maternity Outfit - Work

When it comes to maternity clothes for events, like weddings, military balls, or even events like a professional maternity photograph session, the outfits would usually involve a dress. Other frequent options are pant suits, evening suits, ball gowns, or evening dresses.

Overall, some staples I would suggest having would be open front cardigans/dusters and blazers, as they would come in handy for the various stages of pregnancy.  Another advantage is that they can easily go from work to play. You will find some plus-size duster options here. Midi-dresses are also very versatile and would be good staples. They can be layered up for colder months and they can also be casual or work wear. You also can’t go wrong with tank tops, tunics and leggings.

No matter the occasion, comfort is key, especially around the tummy. It is important that our maternity clothes be not just cute, but also practical. So keep your staple items close, and add items here and there till you have your favorite comfortable, complete, and cute maternity outfits! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.