Summer-Ready Women’s Work Outfits

It’s all warm now; or really hot, depending on where you are. A good sign that summer is here. But with this weather change comes the need to dress to accommodate the new in-flow of summery heat. And that includes our work outfits. Getting dressed for work can either be an everyday chore, or we can make it easier and a little bit of fun with some perfect-for-summer and trendy women’s work outfits.

Whether your work attire calls for business formal or business casual, you can have pieces that mix and match easily to make your daily dress-up-for-work time a breeze. For this to happen, your summer work wardrobe will need to have staples like sleeveless shirts (plain and patterns) and neutral colored skirts and pants. These are the basics, as they can be quickly paired together for a very easy but stylish professional look. Dresses are also great to have because they are one-piece and you don’t have to worry about pairing them with another clothing item.


It’s hot, yes. But some work occasions may demand a business formal look which includes a jacket or blazer. Feast your eyes on ModCloth’s array of some really trendy and summer worthy blazers to suit your style!

Women's Work Outfits - Blazers

Blazers at ModCloth


Women's Work Outfits - Dresses

Venus Mixed Media Dress, ModCloth Work Dresses

Shirts and Blouses

Women's Work Outfits - Tops

Stella & Dot Tops, ModCloth Work Tops


Women's Work Outfits - Skirts

ModCloth Midi Skirts, Venus Skirts

Some Outfits Ideas

Women's Work Outfits - Orange

Luxe Studs; Striped Wrap Top; Stitch Detail Black Tote; Slimming Pencil Midi Skirt; INC Leather Pointed Toe Pumps

Women's Work Outfits - Green

Statement Necklace, Laptop Tote Bag, Pointed Toe Heels, High Waisted Boot Cut Jeans

Clearly, colors can be seamlessly incorporated into our work outfits too. So don’t be afraid to throw in some bold colors. A red midi skirt and a floral sleeveless shirt can be a great work outfit. Purples, greens, and oranges are colors that can also be present in a work outfit without it looking ‘loud.’ Just look out for the right shades and tones.

Overall, for these hotter days we are in, and for the ones ahead, keeping your outfit simple may be the smart way to go! What is your preferred work outfit for summer? Or what are your thoughts about women’s work outfits in general? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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  1. I LOVE the outfit ideas that you gave! I love both sets, they go so well together, you really have the talent for designing! Thank you for all these summer work wear ideas. This reminds me to take out all my dresses for washing so I can start to wear them again!

  2. What a great overview of all the different options in attire. I loved the examples to give us some ideas in choosing our attire.

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