Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Buy Online.

Mother’s day is fast and furiously approaching! And I have some great personalized mother’s day gift ideas to share that I’m sure you and mom would be very happy with!

I know there are just as many moms and their families who look forward to mother’s day as there are those who just see it as another day. And while mothers’ who are into it are sitting back relaxed and looking forward to what they might be getting, or getting to do on that day, their significant others, friends, and/or kids might be racking their brains about the gift.

Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

A lot of thought usually goes into coming up with ideas of what to give to or do differently for mom each year. Well, unless you’re like my then 4 year old who happily gave me a glue-stick for mother’s day. I can’t say how much thought went into that, but I guess the thought still counts 🙂

Anyhow, a good thing to note is that when you’re not sure what to gift anyone at all, personalized gifts might just be a good consideration. It just tells the receiver you went a step further with the gift and engraved it especially for them.

So if you’re not sure what to give mom, or if you live miles away and won’t be able to be with her for mother’s day, then here are some personalized mother’s day gifts that you can shop for from the convenience of the great world wide web.

You can’t go wrong with thoughtful personalized gifts.

  • Jewelry

Very many women love their jewelry; and that includes mom. Stella & Dot has a great selection of engravable jewelry that you could choose from for. Items include charms, rings, ID tags, lockets, bangles, bracelets, and necklaces. There are also multiple options for personalizing them with mom’s initials, name, or whatever you choose.

Their Signature Delicate Necklace, Signature Delicate Ring, and their Signature Wishing Bracelet can be made a set or purchased separately.

Stella & Dot Jewelry Trio








  • Bags

Amazon carries this Zippered Clutch that comes in many patterns and colors; more colors than are shown here. Also, you can’t tell from the picture, but they are large enough to hold all of mom’s essential and then some. At almost 12 inches long, it can also hold a Kindle or smaller tablets as well. And of course you have the option to brand it with mom’s initials or her favorite letters.
Zippered Clutch
Other options are from MarleyLily, and include a ring handle vegan leather Tote Purse that doubles as a cross-body bag, and a monogrammed Wicker Bag. Both styles are definitely unique in their own way, which I think makes them great gifts.

Cute monogrammed gifts

Cute monogrammed gifts - Wicker Purse


  • Clothing

I have not seen many options for personalized clothing when it comes to styles. There are mainly tanks and t-shirts; which is perfectly fine, since tanks and tees are still appealing to most women. And you could always add a touch of humor to your customization; as long as mom would find it funny too lol.

Some clothing options are a Racer-back Tank Top, Pajama Shorts Set, and of course a top for the Fur-Baby Moms too. Personalized Clothes

  • Watches

If mom is a watch lover or you just think she’s due for a replacement watch, then Fossil has lots of options you could personalize. You can engrave a few words on the back that would put a smile on mom’s face. Design one for her here.

Personalized Fossil Watch

Personalization Mall also has a watch you could customize for mom. It is called Picture in Time, which is very befitting, because you have the option to upload a picture which would then be reproduced on the face of the watch. Pretty cool! Add a photo of all the grand-kids and send this watch to Grandma. We all know she loves seeing her grand-babies’ faces!

Picture In Time

  • Shoes

Us women love our shoes too! And Vans is one of many brands with great personalization options. Their custom-made section allows you to add your own photos and/or up to four alphanumeric characters. In the photo here, I added the header picture from my site and my site’s initials as an example.

There are many styles to choose from, and a plethora of colors and patterns to customize with. Even the shoelaces can have mom’s favorite color or pattern. Also, every part of the shoe can has a different color or it can be all white; it’s all up to you. Customization is also available for men and kids’ shoes. That could be great for maybe father’s day or a kid’s birthday or graduation. Hint, hint!

Vans definitely has more colors and styles that would make them appeal to all ages and fashion preferences; but you may also want to check out the options Converse and Adidas have. You know mom’s style best!


Custom Vans

For dressier foot wear, Shoes Of Prey has it all. However, their personalization is not about putting mom’s initials on her shoes. What they do is let you either create a pair or customize one of the many styles they already have. I think that is amazing; and fun too!

You can actually create or customize mom’s very own heels, flats, sandals, boots, or sneakers! Pick not just the style and colors; also pick the heel type and height, material(s), and even the lining type and sole color. There’s absolutely no way mom won’t love that!

Here’s a view of their customization area: Custom Shoes of Prey

And that’s it!

There are clearly many options of where to shop for personalized gifts online; and there are many inexpensive choices too. You just click, ship, and it will be perfectly on time for mom’s special day!

Also, keep in mind that any of these items can be combined with others to make the perfect mother’s day gift basket, box, or bag.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so I’m sure there are other places and more items. What online stores do you get items personalized? We could all learn something new and valuable from your input 🙂



24 Replies to “Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Buy Online.”

  1. Some great Mother’s Day gift ideas! It can always be difficult getting something for someone you care so much about. I always tend to struggle, so I truly appreciate the ideas! The zippered clutch looks pretty sweet, so I might consider that.

    1. It can be such a struggle for me as well when it comes to deciding on what to give someone. Checking out ideas always helps when I get stuck lol.
      Happy I could help!

  2. Great, cute Mother’s day ideas! I love the zippered clutch…and the purses…and the cute tennis shoes! Now to make my decision on what to purchase!

  3. Hey, great ideas for mother. My mother is in heaven bless her soul. However, being a father of three girls/grown women that are mothers gives a great variety for my girls, sister and wife. I really like the personalized mall because pictures always melt the heart. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. definitely some great ideas here. Thanks for sharing. You’ve given me hope….. for one of my challenges. lol

  5. Hi Yemi,

    Wonderful gift ideas! I didn’t know what present to buy for the mother’s day. Your article helped me decide what gift to chose for my mother. She loves bags, and the one that I like is the Tote Purse. I think it is beautiful! It would be great if it came in different colors besides Grey. Also, what if she wants to change it to another bag? Is it possible?

    1. Not sure what you mean by ‘change it to another bag’ but if you click the link it shows you what is available for that particular bag. And of course if you find another bag you prefer, then go for it! What matters is that mom gets something she’ll love 🙂

  6. Thank you Yemi for these great ideas for Mother’s day. Unfortunately in the UK Mother’s day is passed, but I did get some really good ideas for birthday presents for my mum and mother-in-law who have their birthdays still to come.

    I really like the necklaces the best I think but will have another look.

  7. Really great ideas for Mother’s day. I always struggle with what to pick, so this makes it so easy for me. Thank you.

  8. This Mother’s Day will be my first! I should forward this link to my husband so that he and my son can pick out something nice. 🙂 Thank you for the article!

  9. What a lovely website Yemi and great article with some good ideas – I love personalized gifts, even more the idea behind the gift, because then you know extra care and thought went into it.

    All the best,

  10. Man, I need to get on it! My mom would love that watch with the personalized photo, that’s a really great idea. It can be hard shopping for the person who has everything, but reminders of family and photo memorabilia are usually a good call. this is a great list of ideas!

  11. Great suggestions! I always google what I should get my Mom for Mother’s Day! I love the idea of having the initials on the tennis’s super cute. And I agree you can never go wrong with a personalized gift!

  12. The picture in time from the personalisation mall caught my eye. I have not seen this before. It is very unique it would make a very beautiful and meaningful gift. I am considering if not for my mum, I may want to get it for any member of my family. Still pondering over it. Thank you for these great ideas!

    1. You’re welcome! I’ve noticed that watch is pretty popular with most of the people who left a comment. I like that you find it appealing for anyone in the family, not just mom 🙂

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