Matching Bags and Shoes


Wearing matching bags and shoes used to be a major trend at one time. After that came the ‘coordinate as you like’ trend where we matched our bags to our clothes, or we added a pop of color to our outfit through our bags or shoes, or where we matched nothing at all.

However, has anyone else noticed that some ladies still like matching their bags and their shoes? I have. And I think if you want to, you definitely can and should! It’s all about making an individual fashion statement and staying true to your fashion tastes and interests.


Many high profile fashion editors and stylists actually have varying views on whether to match or not match our shoes with our bags. Some say ‘match’, some say ‘don’t do it!’, while others say ‘match but don’t match fully’. They all feel differently about it, which clearly shows that it’s up to our individual tastes and fashion senses. And that is what being truly fashionable is – being individual. It doesn’t have to be a major trend at the moment for you to wear it. It just has to be a perfect representation of you and your style!

So if you’ve ever been unsure about matching your bags and your shoes, or if you have ruled it out only because you feared you might look outdated, this is to let you know that you are one of many who bring pleasure to so many eyes with your bag and shoe matching preferences! So just go ahead and do it; not just for you but for all those eyes too!


Metal Circle Detail Handbag – $29; T-Strap Metal Ring Sandal – Price depends on size and color chosen.

Metal Ring Detail Matching Set

Women’s Rosalie Accordion Satchel – $29.99; Women’s Bette Slingback Flat – $14.99.

Christian Siriano Matching Set

Gingham Ankle-Strap Wedges – $28.00; Round Gingham Clutch – $17.90; Gingham Pointed Toe Flats – $15.90.

Gingham Matching Set

Nicole By Nicole Miller Daisy Pumps – $27.99 with Code 8SPRING (Code expires March 31st); Faux Leather Flower Purse – $39.90 (Buy 1 Get 2nd item 50% Off).
Pink Flower Set

Ankara Print Matching Set – $66.05. These have limited shoe sizes available; but custom orders can be placed.
Ankara Print Matching Set

There’s a stripe-hype going on right now; so earn your stripes with this black and white stripes set. Black and White Striped Square Bag – $31.05; Women’s Cate Bow Wedge – $24.99.

Black and White Striped Set

Last but not least are these vintage inspired Ruby Shoo Mary Jane Pumps and Matching Tortola Bag.
Ruby Shoo Matching Set

These would also make great gifts for any occasion. You will find some personalized gift options here.


When it comes to completing your outfit, you cannot go wrong with wearing matching bag and shoes. The key is to make sure your entire outfit is coordinated appropriately, as far as colors, prints and patterns are concerned. You want to make sure there’s no clashing going on, so you don’t hurt anyone’s eyes lol. With your outfit having the right color combinations and the right amount of contrast, your matching shoe-bag set would be an ‘icing on the cake’ fashion statement.

I actually matched my flats and my handbag today without planning to or thinking about it. All I wanted to do was wear shoes that matched my tan pants. But when I added my go-to handbag (which is black and tan), it looked like my black flats with tan soles matched my bag instead. I always get excited about outfits that just happen to come together unintentionally.

Have you ever matched your shoes and bags unintentionally too? Do you see it as an outdated trend or is it something you’re very much into? Share your thoughts please!


16 Replies to “Matching Bags and Shoes”

  1. I’ve always been interested in what goes together and what does not. But I’ve never actually put much thought into a hand bag color. It sure looks like it can be very cute to have matching though.

  2. wow.. you have got one fabulous website here.. So many things catch my eye.. I think this is very well put together, its like you have been doing websites for over a decade or somethin.. great job.. your wording and support was right on.. It seemed like a comfortable exciting webpage , i enjoyed checking it out.. keep on keepin on..

  3. Like what I see … nice content love the way you explained and is ok to do so matching shoes and bags… I really like it when I see it.. nice job!!

  4. I love matching my bag and my shoes, especially if they are quite different from what else I have going on in my outfit. It’s a great way to create some simple visual harmony. 🙂

  5. I never realized or noticed this. Yes, it is really cute and pretty when the bag and shoes match. I like some of the designs you have shared here. I will share with my friends too. Thank you for a very interesting article. 🙂

  6. It is amazing to see that you have a good eye on matching shoes and bags. I am not good in this area that I usually keep myself with simple plain colours with not much pattern most of the time. You have great ideas and I love them! Would love to see more of them!

  7. Wow! Just with those examples that you have on this article, you have convinced me to look into getting a set. I don’t usually match my shoes and bag, other than a plain black or maybe red here and there. I am loving the black and white striped set! Thank you for posting this!

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