Designer Business Suits for Women

When it comes to stylish work outfits, business suits for women can no longer be left out in any way. Although it is said that business suits should be sober in color and style, fashion trends today say otherwise.

For women in particular, business suits have become anything but ‘sober in style and color’. They have not only become more and more colorful, they are also now more stylish than ever before.

From dress suits to pant suits to skirt suits, and from matching to unmatched suit/jacket and bottoms, business suits today have shaken off many restrictions and shown that the possibilities are endless. They are even seen on the runway in many different versions; sometimes with an unexpected twist.

This evolution happens to be a welcomed one for the trend-setting working woman. And rightfully so. There really is no reason for women’s business suits to be limited in color and/or style. Colors and style shouldn’t detract from the business at hand. All it should say is “That’s a stylish business woman!” 🙂

Now, for the women who would like to take their work outfits a step further and indulge in business suits by designer brands, this one is for you! These are 10 of the most fashionable and flattering women’s designer suits to make you stand out from the crowd. And plus size options (up to size 16) have not been left out!

1. Max Mara

Designer Business Suits for Women - Max Mara
Max Mara Polka Dot Blazer and the Max Mara Cotton Crop Pants

*Plus sizes included*

2. Michael Kors

Designer Business Suits for Women - Michael Kors

Michael Kors Crop Jacket and the Michael Kors Button Detail Dress
*Plus sizes are available*

3. Lafayette 148 New York

Business Suits for Women - Lafayette 148 New York

Lafayette 148 New York Linen Jacquard Jacket and the Lafayette 148 New York Bleecker – Finesse Crepe Pants

*Plus size options are available*

4. Jacquemus

Designer Business Suits for Women - Jacquemus
Jacquemus La Veste Bahia Blazer and Jacquemus Le Corsaire Slim Crop Pants

5. St John Collection

Women's Dress Suits - St. John Collection

St. John Collection Summer Bella Blazer and the St. John Collection Metallic Sheath Dress
*Plus Sizes are available*

6. Rag & Bone

Designer Business Suits for Women - Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone Tweed Jacket and the Rag & Bone Whipstitch Pencil Skirt


Business Suits for Women - BOSS

BOSS Twill Jersey Suit Skirt and the BOSS Twill Jersey Suit Jacket

*Includes Petite and Plus Sizes*

8. Lauren Ralph Lauren – Outfit Idea

Business Suits for Women - Lauren Ralph Lauren Outfit Idea

Lauren Ralph Lauren Stripe Jacket , Lauren Ralph Lauren Skinny Cropped Pants,  Ecosusi Laptop BackpackCalvin Klein Elin Pointed Toe FlatClassic 80’s Vintage Style SunglassesMariell Rose Gold Jewelry SetLady Colour Infinity Bracelet

9. Brandon Maxwell

Designer Business Suits for Women - Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell Drape Pocket Crepe Jacket and the Brandon Maxwell Ribbed Bodice Midi Dress 

10. Vince Camuto

Plus Size Business Suits for Women - Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto Spring Tweed Jacket and the Vince Camuto Side Ruched Pencil Skirt 

What are your thoughts about these business suits and/or the evolution of office fashion? Would love to hear your views!


19 Replies to “Designer Business Suits for Women”

  1. Love this outfit ideas, they look comfortable but they also make a statement. I will definitely check them out! Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  2. These business suits are really nice. I really like the Jacquemus one. It looks very comfy but also stylish. I also like the Metallic Sheath Dress. I think it would work on its own on a warm summer day. No need for a jacket. Nice selection!

    1. I absolutely adore that dress too! It just looks so classy and stylish. And I agree that it would be perfect by itself too.

  3. Wow I love how fashion has changed so much even within these past 10 years in regards to suits for women. Back when I used to be a little temp at an agency I would wear these very uncomfortable skirt & blazer sets with high heels that would just kill my feet. I hated the clothes but because it was a corporate environment I had to wear what was required. But I just love the Vince Camuto outfit the best. I like the way the skirt scrunches up on the side. Very sexy!

    1. I can imagine what it would have been like wearing what you don’t like because that’s what is required. Now things are different and we have many choices; and stylish ones too!
      I’m glad you found something you like!

  4. Love these! I think that businesses today are evolving and being more open about how people dress (as long as it’s professional). I think it’s silly to rate professionalism based on what colors or patterns you wear, everyone should be allowed to have a little fun! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Anything is a fashion these days and any suit you wear becomes a fashion.
    We are in a generation where we can hardly make out some of the suits whether they are meant for man or woman. But in this article, you’ve collected different women suits that give the chance to choose from.

    1. Lol! Everything is truly fashion these days. I know what you mean.
      I will keep the collections coming to make choosing as easier as possible 🙂

  6. I am looking for something for my girlfriend. She is pretty tall, do you have any recommendations suitable especially for tall women?
    Thanks very much!

    1. I would recommend the options with cropped pants. Depending on how tall one is, those pants will either be just above the ankle or mid-calf. Hope that helps!

  7. I can see that you have a great flair for designer business suits. Some of the designs are top class I love the one at the top Max Mara, the combination of colours and styles are fantastic. Well done.

  8. Hey, these are amazing. Personally, I prefer trouser suits. I love the Lafayette 148 New York and the Ralph Lauren. Great site – thanks!

  9. I will definitely recommend this website. I love the way you put it that style is more important these days. Here in South Africa I have been seeing this trend on a daily basis when it comes to these suits for women.

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