Cute Plus Size Spring Outfit

Spring is around the corner! How exciting! It feels like we just said ‘Happy New Year’ two weeks ago! I can’t wait to see all the bare trees grow leaves and all the flowers bloom. That would be picture-taking galore!

Speaking of flowers; the complete outfit I have for today is built around the Ava Maxi Top from Sealed With A Kiss. This plus size top is a cool toned poppy print maxi top which is very versatile. You could honestly wear this through all four seasons, and just add layers or switch it up as needed. It makes for a cute trendy outfit for not only the plus-size fashionistas, but for all ladies, including those of us who prefer modest fashion. It could also be dressed up for going out or worn casually.

The length of the top makes it perfect for shorts, capri, leggings, jeggings, jeans, and even straight pants. It would also look great with a knee-length or midi skirt. And how about with a fitted tank dress? That would look gorgeous too! The possibilities are only subject to our individual tastes and creativity.

Get The Look:

Ava Maxi Top
Long Tank Top
Forever Buckle Strap Ankle Booties





The Ava Maxi Top in Olive Floral is available in US sizes 1X to 6X. Most of us already have a tank top and a pair of jeans that will go perfectly with the top as pictured. Add your favorite shoes, handbag or wristlet, and you’re good to go!

But, if like me, all you have are black tank tops and you would prefer a colored one to complete your outfit, then you could grab one here – Adjustable Strap Long Solid Tank Tops. These are a necessity because of their long length and adjustable straps. They are also available in many colors and are sold as a single tank top or a set of four in different colors. Sizes go up to a XXXL.

A nice pair of booties I would recommend are the Forever Women’s Buckle Strap Ankle Booties. They are also available in lots of colors, but the Tan, Taupe, Brown or Black would be my top choices. You can get these booties in US sizes 6 – 10.

Changing It Up:

I like to change things up, so my guess is so do you. To switch up how you wear the maxi top, try wearing it with a tank dress, and taupe pumps. You would have a nice outfit for girls night out or for date night with that special person in your life.

Kayla Tank Dress

Pointy Toe Suede PumpsYou could also switch it up even more by adding a scarf, jacket, or vest to really change up the look. Make it your own!

Savvy Saving Tips:

When shopping, buy an item or an outfit that can (for the most part) be mixed and matched with things you already have in your closet. The items here – nude pumps, black tank dress, brown booties, and tank tops – are all things that would go very well with other items already in most of our closets. And if you already have these items in your closet, then the maxi top would go perfectly with them. That’s how our closets become more put together!

Final Words:

I hope you like this outfit and are thinking up ideas about how to wear it and make it your own. If you have any additional ideas about how you would wear it, leave a comment below so we could all learn from you!

And last but not least, be sure to enjoy your plus size trendy outfit and walk with confidence! 🙂



12 Replies to “Cute Plus Size Spring Outfit”

  1. Very nice site!I like the design, topic, and approach!
    It is easy to read, the articles are standing out and the collections are nice!
    keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Yemi
    This is Awesome i have a sister who is a plus size and she is always shy on what is good for her body i have already sent her the link, as for me i love ankleboot and Would love to have the Forever bootie.

    1. Hi Mercy. I know it may take some trial and error to sometimes figure out what works best for our bodies and makes us comfortable and confident. I hope your sister finds the post useful in some way 🙂 And I love those booties too. They are super cute!
      Thanks for sharing the link!

  3. I really love this selection. Those boots are to die for. I also like those long tank tops. I like my tank tops to come far down past my waist. I would love one of those olive tops to wear with my jeans and to go with those boots. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Yami! I’m so glad I found your site! Love the concept and can go to one spot to see an entire outfit come together. I am smitten with the outfit you have designed in this one. I love the open ava maxi, I have not seen one that I actually loved the look of until now. Also love the olive floral print – oh and the booties. – Lyndsay

  5. I really like the look of this outfit and the Ava Maxi Top in particular. I love all the suggestions you made of items that could pair with this.

    I enjoy interesting pieces of clothing in great, bold colors and I also love clothing that is comfortable. This meets all those points so well.

    1. I’m a huge fan of the maxi top too. Honestly I’m a fan of all the items lol.
      Glad you like it. I will be doing a post on bold colors soon.
      Thanks for stopping by Jessica!

  6. OMG I spent an hour on your site looking at clothes. I absolutely love the way you have it set up and by the way, you have 3 of my favs on here where I already shop. Your suggestions and pairings are spot on and I was really into the all white until I glanced up and saw my dog looking at me with those go ahead and buy that and see how long it stays white look, lol. I love it and I will be back.

    P.S. I am buying those boots.

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