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At some point we have all come across the very famous BOGO (buy one get one) sale sign. These sales or signs are famous for a reason – people love “free”. At least I know I do! Seriously what’s not to love about it? Especially when it’s a good one! And you probably love free too. Or why else would you be here 😉 You are clearly interested in finding out where you can find these BOGO offers. And I have put together a list of items with ongoing promos for you to buy one get one for free online!


Kadell has lots of handbag options when it comes to style, size, and color. They also have an ongoing promo on Amazon right now. When you buy one of their bags, you get to pick one free bag from eight options. When I saw this offer, I immediately added it to my cart and went to my cart to make sure it is real. Guess what? It is!
These are just a few of many many options you can purchase in order to get a free one:

Buy One Get One Free Kadell Handbags



Palm Beach Jewelry is not only offering buy one get one free sale, they also have offers to buy one and get two free. They have 24 different BOGO offers right now, where you could get earrings, bracelets, pendants, or necklaces free. Head over to their BOGO page to grab yours.

Buy One Get One Free Palm Beach Jewelry


Target has two for one and three for one belts. These are skinny belts and are available in multiple sizes, including plus sizes.

BOGO Belts


At Shoe Carnival, you will get a free pair of women’s sandals when you buy a pair of select sandals. The second pair must be of equal or lesser value.

This is an exclusively online sale; so you will not find it in stores. But you can order online and choose to pick up in store. Hurry over and you could get any of the sandals below, and more, for free!

BOGO Shoe Carnival


Did you know our feet are one of our main producers of sweat? I just discovered that myself! And one of the roles of socks is to absorb sweat.

Need a few pairs? Want to stock up for winter? You can grab one for yourself (or someone else) at FinishLine and get the second one free. You have options from no-shows to footies; and 3 packs to 6 packs.

BOGO Finish Line Sock


It’s the season for layering or not; depending on where you are located. These tanks would work perfectly in whatever your climate is at the moment. Electro Threads tanks come lots of artistry, bold colors, and with rave reviews. See for yourself here. They also have long sleeves. All of which are buy one get one free.

BOGO Electro Threads

Some of the best offers when shopping online are buy one get one and/or free shipping. Both of these offers usually have the effect of drawing shoppers like ants to sugar or like a refrigerator magnet to a fridge.

Have you ever convinced yourself to to buy something after seeing an offer for a great discount? That’s the ant-sugar effect. And I’m so guilty! How about you? What discount offers can make you re-shuffle your budget? 😉 Do tell!




8 Replies to “Buy One Get One for Free Online”

  1. Wow! I love free stuff:) I was looking for a handbag and new sandals for the summer. And here I found this fantastic list of products. I really like the black handbag and the white Bogo sandals at Shoe Carnival; they look awesome! I’ll show this article to my daughter; I am sure she will want to buy something as well:)

  2. Amazing! Can’t wait to shop with one of those, I mean who doesn’t love free stuffs? And that is a better way to shop less and get more. I would not mind showing my friends this article so we could try one of those. My only fear could be, hope the products are of good qualities.

    1. All of the items have been reviewed by users. So one could get a good idea of the quality of the products from those reviews. And all of them have above average to excellent reviews. Hope that helps. 

  3. Who doesn’t love free stuff. I l love the buy one get one free deal. I haven’t been shopping for months. Your post just reminded me to get some new clothing. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is awesome! I LOVE free things, it just feels so gifted :). This is very helpful and useful as I often buy things online. Thank you for sharing, I will keep this bookmarked so I can come back to it.

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