Cute Maternity Outfits

Cute maternity outfits, I think, are things every pregnant woman wants to have. Dare I say, needs to have? Yes, there are days when we couldn’t care less how we looked because of one (or two) of the many ‘growing pregnancy pains’. But, outside of that, we still want to look fairly cute at least. The best part is that maternity clothes have evolved over the years, and have become more and more fashionable. No more plain, over-sized, and style-less clothes. We can be very pregnant and still very fashionable. The challenge may just be in finding the right style for you.                                 

            “I’m pregnant and would love to look frumpy “.                                                          – said no pregnant mama ever!

I actually remember wearing my pants unbuttoned and half unzipped, while holding it up with a belt! I also wore long tank tops under many of my tops, to cover up for any shortness of my tops as a result of my growing tummy. Then the time came where I wore my husband’s t-shirts, his sandals (I had swollen feet during my first pregnancy), and even his joggers. All because I was looking for ways to be comfortable without having to actually get myself proper maternity clothes. Why? I still don’t know :/

Thankfully, from jumpsuits to dresses, tank tops to jackets, and from leggings to dress pants, maternity clothes are now readily available in almost any style you could think of and for every fashion preference. That is, whenever you’re ready to make the switch lol.

Outfit 1: From Work to Play.

Cute Maternity Outfits - Work to Play

Casual maternity clothing or outfits may be the easiest to put together. Comfortable stretchy leggings, flowy tunic top, embellished sandals,  jewelry or no jewelry, bag or no bag, and you’re still all set. Rompers and jumpsuits can also be trendy maternity clothes. Jumpsuits in particular can be casual wear, work wear, or for going out. It all depends on the style of the jumpsuit and what you wear it with. However, when you’re pregnant and taking frequent bathroom breaks, neither one may be the most convenient. But before the increased bathroom visits kick in, they could still be a stylish consideration.

Outfit 2: Casual Maternity.

Cute Maternity Outfit - Casual

Maternity clothes for work may prove to be the most challenging, especially if your workplace has set dress codes. I have worked in a Hospital and wore only scrubs to work. And I have worked in an organization where Casual-Friday was a big deal. I have also worked with another company where Casual-Fridays were non-existent, and we always had to be professionally dressed every day of the week. The differences in what is required in each work place present their own challenges when it comes to finding appropriate maternity clothes and shoes too.

Outfit 3: Maternity Work Wear.

Cute Maternity Outfit - Work

When it comes to maternity clothes for events, like weddings, military balls, or even events like a professional maternity photograph session, the outfits would usually involve a dress. Other frequent options are pant suits, evening suits, ball gowns, or evening dresses.

Overall, some staples I would suggest having would be open front cardigans/dusters and blazers, as they would come in handy for the various stages of pregnancy.  Another advantage is that they can easily go from work to play. You will find some plus-size duster options here. Midi-dresses are also very versatile and would be good staples. They can be layered up for colder months and they can also be casual or work wear. You also can’t go wrong with tank tops, tunics and leggings.

No matter the occasion, comfort is key, especially around the tummy. It is important that our maternity clothes be not just cute, but also practical. So keep your staple items close, and add items here and there till you have your favorite comfortable, complete, and cute maternity outfits! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.



Spring Fashion Trends for Women

So far the runways have seen a couple of trends this year. Some spring fashion trends for women range from more than one handbag to bold colors to everything fringe. The amount of creativity that goes into the vast number of the runway styles cannot be denied. However, as attention-grabbing and intriguing as all the fashion on the runway usually is, I honestly often find myself looking at some of them thinking, “Where on earth would I wear that to?!” That is if I can afford it at all lol.

But over the years, I’ve learned to more or less summarize the runway trends, pick what I find appealing, and find those trends in items I am able to and would love to wear. I look at what the models are wearing, and just like we would for hard-to-do workout routines, I come up with a ‘modified version’ of the style in my head. I look for ways to make it wearable for me.

If an item is extremely see-through, I would picture it with a cami, tank top, or tank dress. If it’s too short, I’d consider finding a similar item that is longer or consider making it work with a pair of leggings. Too much cleavage? There’s a fix for that too. If the style or colors are too out there for my taste, then I’d seek out a more appealing alternative. And if it’s a dress, I may choose to get a similar style as a blouse, or a similar but more affordable dress.

There are many ways to make runway styles our own, or translate the trends into everyday looks. That is if we find them appealing. So next time you’re shopping for or putting together an outfit, you could look out for these latest fashion trends that have been inspired by the runway this year.


1. High Neck Maxi Dress     2. Off-The-Shoulder Top




1. Plaid Fringe Poncho    2. Plaid Boot Cut Pants

Bold Colors

1. Mint T-Strap Flats    2. Poppy Lace Dress   3. Mustard Leather Satchel




1. Shaggy Fringed Booties   2. Top Handle Specialty Fringe Bag   3. Fringe Hem Skinny Jeans   4. Essential Fringe Necklace



1. Sequin Sleeve Jacket    2. Asymmetric Hem Short Sleeve Sequin Shirt   3.  Gabrielle Union Sequin Palazzo Pants    4. Aldo Tamarind Cross-Body Bag



1. Maxi Dress    2. Tie-Neck Long Sleeve Blouse


When it comes to current fashion trends for women, keeping up could seem like a chore; for me at least. But I find that no matter what one’s style is, we can always still find some inspiration from current fashion trends. Add your own flair to it and you could very well be blazing the trail for yet another fashion trend!

Do you keep up with fashion trends? Why or why not? If you do, what are your favorites? Which ones, if any, are you now inspired to modify to suit your preference? Do share!




Matching Bags and Shoes


Wearing matching bags and shoes used to be a major trend at one time. After that came the ‘coordinate as you like’ trend where we matched our bags to our clothes, or we added a pop of color to our outfit through our bags or shoes, or where we matched nothing at all.

However, has anyone else noticed that some ladies still like matching their bags and their shoes? I have. And I think if you want to, you definitely can and should! It’s all about making an individual fashion statement and staying true to your fashion tastes and interests.


Many high profile fashion editors and stylists actually have varying views on whether to match or not match our shoes with our bags. Some say ‘match’, some say ‘don’t do it!’, while others say ‘match but don’t match fully’. They all feel differently about it, which clearly shows that it’s up to our individual tastes and fashion senses. And that is what being truly fashionable is – being individual. It doesn’t have to be a major trend at the moment for you to wear it. It just has to be a perfect representation of you and your style!

So if you’ve ever been unsure about matching your bags and your shoes, or if you have ruled it out only because you feared you might look outdated, this is to let you know that you are one of many who bring pleasure to so many eyes with your bag and shoe matching preferences! So just go ahead and do it; not just for you but for all those eyes too!


Metal Circle Detail Handbag – $29; T-Strap Metal Ring Sandal – Price depends on size and color chosen.

Metal Ring Detail Matching Set

Women’s Rosalie Accordion Satchel – $29.99; Women’s Bette Slingback Flat – $14.99.

Christian Siriano Matching Set

Gingham Ankle-Strap Wedges – $28.00; Round Gingham Clutch – $17.90; Gingham Pointed Toe Flats – $15.90.

Gingham Matching Set

Nicole By Nicole Miller Daisy Pumps – $27.99 with Code 8SPRING (Code expires March 31st); Faux Leather Flower Purse – $39.90 (Buy 1 Get 2nd item 50% Off).
Pink Flower Set

Ankara Print Matching Set – $66.05. These have limited shoe sizes available; but custom orders can be placed.
Ankara Print Matching Set

There’s a stripe-hype going on right now; so earn your stripes with this black and white stripes set. Black and White Striped Square Bag – $31.05; Women’s Cate Bow Wedge – $24.99.

Black and White Striped Set

Last but not least are these vintage inspired Ruby Shoo Mary Jane Pumps and Matching Tortola Bag.
Ruby Shoo Matching Set

These would also make great gifts for any occasion. You will find some personalized gift options here.


When it comes to completing your outfit, you cannot go wrong with wearing matching bag and shoes. The key is to make sure your entire outfit is coordinated appropriately, as far as colors, prints and patterns are concerned. You want to make sure there’s no clashing going on, so you don’t hurt anyone’s eyes lol. With your outfit having the right color combinations and the right amount of contrast, your matching shoe-bag set would be an ‘icing on the cake’ fashion statement.

I actually matched my flats and my handbag today without planning to or thinking about it. All I wanted to do was wear shoes that matched my tan pants. But when I added my go-to handbag (which is black and tan), it looked like my black flats with tan soles matched my bag instead. I always get excited about outfits that just happen to come together unintentionally.

Have you ever matched your shoes and bags unintentionally too? Do you see it as an outdated trend or is it something you’re very much into? Share your thoughts please!


Women’s Plus Size Dusters – Where To Buy

You’ve most likely seen or met someone wearing a duster; and there is also a great possibility that you have one or two yourself. However, if you are one of those who have been wondering where to buy women’s dusters, and particularly where to buy women’s plus size dusters, then this is for you.

Dusters are easy to wear clothing for layering that can be styled in multiple ways. There are duster hoodies, duster vests, duster coats, duster cardigans, duster kimonos, and probably more. You can get them in a variety of prints, patterns, or in solid colors; and with all kinds of designs or accents. They are also available in many fabric types and with different levels of thickness. This makes them perfect to wear from spring to fall. You could even make it work for winter, if you’re also in good ol’ Texas where we sometimes get summer-like temperatures in the middle of winter.

Dusters are so versatile that you can wear them to work, wear them to run errands or lounge at home, dress them up for going out, or wear them as a swimsuit cover-up at the beach.

These are a few dusters and where you would find them in extended sizes as well as in a variety of patterns and colors. Layer them your way or style as pictured and you have your complete spring duster outfit!

Print Chiffon Maxi Duster

Where to buy: Torrid.

Price:  $43.98.

Sizes: L to 6X.

Colors: As pictured.

Print Chiffon Maxi Duster

Floral Mesh Kimono Duster

Where to buy: Forever 21.

Price: $19.90.

Sizes: 0X to 3X.

Cold Shoulder Duster Vest

Where to buy: Venus.

Price: $36.99.

Sizes: L to 3X.

Colors: Red, Black.
Cold Shoulder Duster Vest

Grommet Lightweight Duster

Where to buy: Macy’s.

Price: $63.99. Get it for $44.79 with offer code VIP (offer ends March 25th).

Sizes: 0X to 3X.

Colors: Heather Grey, Black.

Grommet Lightweight Duster

Sleeveless Chiffon Maxi Duster

Where to buy: Amazon.

Price: $15 to $22 (depends on color and size selected).

Sizes: S to XXL.

Colors: Army Green, Black, Wine, Brown.

Sleeveless Chiffon Maxi Duster

Pointelle-Stitch Duster

Where to buy: Macy’s.

Price: $44.99. Get it for $34.99 (with offer code VIP; offer ends March 25th).

Sizes: 0X to 3X.

Colors: Black, Charcoal, Oatmeal.

Pointelle-Stitch Duster

Bandanna Border Print Kimono

Where to buy: Torrid.

Price: $41.17.

Sizes: L to 6X.

Colors: As in picture.

Bandana Border Print Kimono Duster

Short Sleeve Woven Duster

Where to buy: JCPenney.

Price: $19.99. Get it for $15.99 with offer code COOL30 (code expires March 21st).

Sizes: 0X to 5X.

Colors: Red Floral, Black Dots, Rose Cloud(pictured).

Short Sleeve Woven Duster

Dusters clearly present many options when it comes to how to wear them or what to wear them with. Besides the outfit combinations pictured, dusters can also be worn with a romper, jumpsuit, dress, or with a skirt and top. Honestly, they can be worn in as many ways as you can come up with. Add a tote, wristlet, or nothing, as the case may be, and you are good to go!

Are you into wearing dusters? How do you wear yours? Let me know what you think!


All White Outfit Ideas

All white outfits are definitely a trend now; and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.  That’s partly because all-white is sort of very clean and elegant looking, especially in a hall full of people; and also because people like the idea of having a dress code for their parties. Seeing shows or events where everyone is wearing just white would often make me think up my own all white outfit ideas.

So it’s spring-break and I was thinking about what a good dress code for a spring-break party or get-together would be. I ruled out floral (which would be perfect considering it’s spring, duh!), since I know many guys who would have a problem with that lol. I also ruled out all-white for no reason at all. But after thinking up all kinds of possible ideas and striking them out for one reason or the other, I finally circled back to all-white! Go figure! It actually made sense and seemed like an easy conclusion; plus I was certain it would be fairly easy for everyone to find a suitable outfit.

However, I don’t have a complete all-white outfit myself. So I got online and started looking for what I could find. And this is what got me thinking about possible all-white outfits and finally gave me the idea to do this post.

And now to the outfits…

Outfit No. 1:
All White Outfit 1

From the office to girls night out or date night, this Belted Midi Shirt Dress ($39) fulfills all the necessary criteria for each occasion. It comes with the belt pictured and sizes start from XS and go up to a 3X.

Complete The Look with a Rafia Detail Heel which are on sale right now for $32.99, Beaded Tassel Earrings ($16), and a hinged Pearl Detail Cuff ($19). The heels are shown in camel, but are also available in black. Sizes are from 6 to 10. Earrings are available in black, blue and red.

Outfit No. 2:
All White Outfit 2

This gorgeous and all-body-type flattering One Shoulder Jumpsuit is priced at $49 and sizes are from 2 to 24.

Complete The Look with these High Heel Strappy Sandal ($24.99) available in sizes 6 to 10, Hoop Detail Earrings ($16), Bangle Set ($22), and a clutch or wristlet of your choice. The heels are pictured in gold, but are also available in black, nude, and silver.

Outfit No. 3
All White Outfit 3

Last all white outfit includes this Zip Front Dress which is priced at $39.90 with sizes from S to L. The frills on both the hems of the sleeve and the dress give the dress unique accents for a fun girly look. I also like how the off-shoulder design makes me think of switching up the look by wearing a long flowy sleeveless duster!

Complete The Look with the Let’s Be Clear Crossbody Bag ($27.90) which has a removable zipped inner pouch, Tassel Trim Block Heels ($27.90) and the Caged Pineapple Drop Earrings ($5.90). The heels are also available in black and go from sizes 5.5 to 10. Earrings are available in fuchsia and yellow as well as the green pictured.

 20% OFF your purchase of $60 or more! Use code SPRINGBREAK!

These are just 3 of so many possibilities. And I hope they have helped you find some inspiration for your next all-white outfit.

What do you think about all-white dress codes? Would you rather go with a totally different color or even no dress code at all? Let me know what you think!



Casual Spring Fashion Outfits

Casual dressing is something that most likely comes natural to every single person because we all have the tendency to just want to be relaxed and free. They are the clothes we run errands in, what we wear when we really feel like wearing nothing, and what we wear when we are lounging at home with family or friends or while enjoying our own company during me-time. They are those laid back, comfortable clothing items that we always default to when we don’t want to or don’t feel the need to give our clothes too much thought.

Casual fashion, however, sounds like a whole different ball game because ‘fashion’ has now been thrown in the mix; which means we need to give some thought to what we are about to wear. Then ‘casual spring fashion’ seems like it only complicates things further, because now we are supposedly factoring in the weather. But is it really complicated? Actually it isn’t!

Shorts and a t-shirt, tank top and a pair of jeans, tunic and leggings, midi or maxi dresses, and jackets or shrugs, are all casual clothing items you can get creative with and just style them up for spring fashion. You are probably already in the Casual Spring Fashion Club and just didn’t know it! And if you’re not, you’re about to be signed up! 

The Looks:

When we think spring, some of the first things that comes to mind are flowers and bright colors. And that’s a good place to start when thinking up ideas for your spring fashion outfits. Add some patterns, prints, layers as needed, and of course accessories, and you are definitely in the club!

A Pocket Hoodie Dress is a stylish casual look all by itself. Wear it with a colored low top Casual Sneakers, boots, slip-ons, or knee-high Gladiator Sandals, and you are completely fashionably casual. I think knee-high gladiators are especially fashionable in the way they can spice up an outfit that may otherwise look too simple or plain. They are also very fun to wear as they come in various colors and styles and can easily be paired with rompers, shorts, skirts, or a dress.


If you would like to add a bag, consider this versatile Convertible Backpack which would not only be a great addition to this outfit, but to many others as well. With removable and adjustable straps, it can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag, or cross-body bag. Remove the straps and it becomes a cute little top-handle bag when needed. Complete the outfit with your favorite pair of sunglasses and you’re runway ready for spring fashion week somewhere lol!

Pocket Hoodie DressLow Top Casual SneakersConvertible Backpack
Other casual outfit ideas are:

  • A pair of jeans, an off shoulder blouse, a scarf and/or necklace, dainty earrings, ankle boots, and a wristlet.
  • This sleeveless Halter Neck Dress would go very well with the knee-high gladiator sandals or simple flats, plus a Crossbody or Shoulder Bag.
  • Casual Friday at work can also be made more stylish with a midi dress and a plain or even patterned Kimono. Prints and patterns can also be combined seamlessly.
  • Throw a cardigan, duster, or poncho on a maxi tank dress and adorn your feet with studded slides.
  • Check out some more casual, affordable, and stylish outfits.

Halter Neck DressKimonoCrossbody or Shoulder Bag Gladiator Sandals

Visit Amazon’s Contemporary Clothing Shop!

I’m hoping that at this point, you are discovering that you already have items that you can casually style up for spring. Nothing wrong with being casual and cute! Or I hope you’ve realized that it’s really easy to put casual but stylish outfits together without it becoming a chore. Either way, mission accomplished!

If you have any comments or question, I’d love to know! Which of these items or outfits do you see yourself wearing? Which one(s) would you combine differently? What other options outside of these would you rather wear?



Cheap Dresses Under 50 Dollars

In case you are wondering if there really are trendy but cheap dresses under 50 dollars, I’m here to tell you there absolutely are! Like many of you, I have come to not like using the word ‘cheap’ as much as I used to. I suddenly discovered that I preferred to use ‘affordable’, especially when it comes to the things I really like and things I’m recommending to others, like the following dresses.

However, I’ve also come to realize that the reason for the loss of love for ‘cheap’ is that we have somehow made it to equal low value. Honestly, if we really think about the word ‘cheap’ in itself, and not what it has been made out to be, it only denotes cost; nothing more.

But according to the dictionary, one of the synonyms for ‘affordable’ is actually ‘cheap’; which means they are both one and the same! So if ‘affordable’ is fine, I guess ‘cheap’ has to be fine too.

Okay enough of the English lesson and on to the ‘cheap’ dresses! 😉

The great thing about getting a dress under 50 dollars is this – for that amount of money, your outfit is almost complete, if not complete. And if you don’t have all the other items to complete the outfit, you could very well complete it for another 50 dollars if you are determined.

That would mean putting together a fully complete stylish outfit for around $100! Finding deals like that always makes me very, very, very happy.

The Dresses:
Spring is clearly upon us, and since we are now able to reduce the number of layers as well as the thickness of layers we have to wear, it’s only natural that we feel the need to style up our outfits a little bit more. These dresses are in line with what we all might be looking to wear for this season.

This High Neckline Sleeveless Midi Dress is a fun red dress from ModCloth. From the print to the details at the neckline to the pleats at the hem, this dress has a lot of ‘pretty’ going on that oozes spring in every way. It costs $33.97 and sizes are from XXS to 1X.

The next dress is a very versatile Spring Wrap Maxi dress from Jane for $29.99. It wears easily from day to night and from work to play. It comes in in 5 pretty colors and sizes are from 0 to 12.

I love this Relaxed Fit Pocket Dress for its casual look; but it can actually be dressed up or down. The length makes it wearable as a tunic with leggings or by itself, depending on how tall you are. Add a scarf or a chunky necklace and you could make it what you want for the occasion at hand. It comes in 9 colors and in sizes S to XL. The best part about it is that it’s on sale for $14.99!

Last but not least is a little black A-Line Dress with a gorgeous cape that can lay nicely over the shoulders or be left to fall delicately in the back. It makes a perfect dress for going out and standing out! The price is $37.98 and sizes are from XXS to 4X.

High Neckline Sleeveless DressSpring Wrap Maxi

Relaxed Fit Pocket DressCape A-Line Black Dress

Complete Your Outfit:

Like I said earlier, the great thing about wearing a dress, or any one-piece for that matter, is that you only need a few more items and you are out the door. All you need are a nice pair of shoes, a handbag, and some jewelry and/or other accessories, and you have a complete outfit.

For the dresses above, you could add these knee-high Faux Suede Lace-Up Wedge Boots ($29.99), this adjustable strap Handbag ($19.99), any one of these Smoky Tone Necklaces ($12.99), and you are fully outfitted!

Lace-Up Knee-High Wedge BootsMessenger BagSmoky Tone Necklaces

Knee-highs are not only perfect with any of these dresses but are also perfect for the slight chill that comes with early spring. The lace-up wedge boots are available in black and tan, and sizes go from a 6 to 13. The sizes include wide width and wide calf, which I know are sometimes hard to find. The handbag comes in 4 colors and you get free shipping.

Another option for shoes, which I personally prefer, are peep toe booties. These $24.99 Peep Toe Booties are not only super stylish,  they also keep your feet warm enough in the spring weather while you show off your cute manicure or new nail polish.

They also complement dresses or pants really well. They are available in 5 colors (the wine color is just gorgeous!) and go from sizes 7 to 11, depending on the color you choose. Sandals and heels are also obvious perfect fits for the dresses!

Peep-Toe Booties

Final Words:

Clearly, it is possible to get ladies dresses cheap but still very cute. And that goes for every item of clothing – look hard enough and you will find anything at a price affordable for you and your budget without compromising style.

I am all about affordable fashionable clothing and outfits, and I know firsthand that we really don’t have to break the bank to look fashionable for any occasion.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about these dresses or how you ‘cheaply’ style outfits up for spring or for any occasion!



Stylish Work Outfits – Neutral Colors

Dressing up for work should be fun and interesting too. Well…as long as you’re not in a time crunch! No fun there! Or interest! Lol! Okay so maybe I should say I believe we should all have stylish work outfits in our closets. Or at least make the work outfits we already have as stylish as possible. It has been said that when you look good, you feel good. And I think it’s okay to look and feel good at work too.

I’m not sure what the latest office fashion is (only because I believe we create our individual trends), but I know neutral tones are always in style for wherever and whatever. And that includes the workplace. Neutrals are also always fairly easy to pair with other colors, so we don’t have to think too much about what we would be able to wear them with.

The Look:

Here are some stylish work clothes combinations that women of all sizes would also find comfortable.

This Sheer Lace Black Top (which I LOVE!) is from CurveGirl and it comes with an attached tube top. It would go perfectly well with a pair of pants or this Striped Flared Skirt. Personally, I like how the stripes complement the stripes on the sheer top. And the top costs only $17.99!

Striped Flared Skirt

Sheer Lace Black Top  Round Toe Pumps Long Layered Necklace

Add a pair of cute Round Toe Pumps, a long layered necklace like this Double Pearl Pendant Necklace from Stella&Dot, and you are all set! If you would prefer to cover up your legs, whether it be for the weather or for modesty preferences, a pair of tights with the skirt, and/or maybe a pair of high boots might do the job.

Changing It Up:

To switch up the look should be easy given the neutral colors. You could go all black Printed Pantswith the Sheer Lace Black Top and add these slightly flared Slim Pants from Torrid, as well as a pair of black flats or heels. Or you could add these straight cut Printed Pants and a nice sweater or jacket. Tan pants or a tan skirt are also great options.

Beige or brown shoes would also go well with any of the combinations mentioned. And just in case you didn’t know, CurveGirl sizes go from a 4 to 46! They also have the option to customize their items.

So if finding the perfect fit has always been a chore because you have a long torso, or extra hips(like me), or because you’re one of many skinny curvy girls, then you should send them your measurements! They will make your clothes specifically for YOUR body. I think that’s pretty cool! For the prices they offer and the customization services they provide, I am a fan! And no I wasn’t paid to rave about them; I’m honestly just a fan 🙂

Savvy Saving Tips:
One way I try to save when shopping online is to try to find as many items as possible on one site. It would usually save me some money either in shipping fees or some type of discount. It also saves my valuable time.

Final Words:

My all-time favorite personal trend is being comfortable in whatever I’m wearing – at least for the most part. Although, I know we all have that cute pair of shoes that we love, but that doesn’t really love our feet. And every now and again, we would put on our game faces and decide we are wearing them because they go perfectly with an outfit! I’ve been there (but with comfy flats waiting in the car though) : )

All in all, I think we should always factor in comfort in our office fashion trends. Because Style + Comfort + Work = Being stylishly comfortable enough to give our best to our work ; )

Let me know what you think, and/or what ideas for outfits you may be interested in seeing next!



Cute Plus Size Spring Outfit

Spring is around the corner! How exciting! It feels like we just said ‘Happy New Year’ two weeks ago! I can’t wait to see all the bare trees grow leaves and all the flowers bloom. That would be picture-taking galore!

Speaking of flowers; the complete outfit I have for today is built around the Ava Maxi Top from Sealed With A Kiss. This plus size top is a cool toned poppy print maxi top which is very versatile. You could honestly wear this through all four seasons, and just add layers or switch it up as needed. It makes for a cute trendy outfit for not only the plus-size fashionistas, but for all ladies, including those of us who prefer modest fashion. It could also be dressed up for going out or worn casually.

The length of the top makes it perfect for shorts, capri, leggings, jeggings, jeans, and even straight pants. It would also look great with a knee-length or midi skirt. And how about with a fitted tank dress? That would look gorgeous too! The possibilities are only subject to our individual tastes and creativity.

Get The Look:

Ava Maxi Top
Long Tank Top
Forever Buckle Strap Ankle Booties





The Ava Maxi Top in Olive Floral is available in US sizes 1X to 6X. Most of us already have a tank top and a pair of jeans that will go perfectly with the top as pictured. Add your favorite shoes, handbag or wristlet, and you’re good to go!

But, if like me, all you have are black tank tops and you would prefer a colored one to complete your outfit, then you could grab one here – Adjustable Strap Long Solid Tank Tops. These are a necessity because of their long length and adjustable straps. They are also available in many colors and are sold as a single tank top or a set of four in different colors. Sizes go up to a XXXL.

A nice pair of booties I would recommend are the Forever Women’s Buckle Strap Ankle Booties. They are also available in lots of colors, but the Tan, Taupe, Brown or Black would be my top choices. You can get these booties in US sizes 6 – 10.

Changing It Up:

I like to change things up, so my guess is so do you. To switch up how you wear the maxi top, try wearing it with a tank dress, and taupe pumps. You would have a nice outfit for girls night out or for date night with that special person in your life.

Kayla Tank Dress

Pointy Toe Suede PumpsYou could also switch it up even more by adding a scarf, jacket, or vest to really change up the look. Make it your own!

Savvy Saving Tips:

When shopping, buy an item or an outfit that can (for the most part) be mixed and matched with things you already have in your closet. The items here – nude pumps, black tank dress, brown booties, and tank tops – are all things that would go very well with other items already in most of our closets. And if you already have these items in your closet, then the maxi top would go perfectly with them. That’s how our closets become more put together!

Final Words:

I hope you like this outfit and are thinking up ideas about how to wear it and make it your own. If you have any additional ideas about how you would wear it, leave a comment below so we could all learn from you!

And last but not least, be sure to enjoy your plus size trendy outfit and walk with confidence! 🙂