All White Outfit Ideas

All white outfits are definitely a trend now; and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.  That’s partly because all-white is sort of very clean and elegant looking, especially in a hall full of people; and also because people like the idea of having a dress code for their parties. Seeing shows or events where everyone is wearing just white would often make me think up my own all white outfit ideas.

So it’s spring-break and I was thinking about what a good dress code for a spring-break party or get-together would be. I ruled out floral (which would be perfect considering it’s spring, duh!), since I know many guys who would have a problem with that lol. I also ruled out all-white for no reason at all. But after thinking up all kinds of possible ideas and striking them out for one reason or the other, I finally circled back to all-white! Go figure! It actually made sense and seemed like an easy conclusion; plus I was certain it would be fairly easy for everyone to find a suitable outfit.

However, I don’t have a complete all-white outfit myself. So I got online and started looking for what I could find. And this is what got me thinking about possible all-white outfits and finally gave me the idea to do this post.

And now to the outfits…

Outfit No. 1:
All White Outfit 1

From the office to girls night out or date night, this Belted Midi Shirt Dress ($39) fulfills all the necessary criteria for each occasion. It comes with the belt pictured and sizes start from XS and go up to a 3X.

Complete The Look with a Rafia Detail Heel which are on sale right now for $32.99, Beaded Tassel Earrings ($16), and a hinged Pearl Detail Cuff ($19). The heels are shown in camel, but are also available in black. Sizes are from 6 to 10. Earrings are available in black, blue and red.

Outfit No. 2:
All White Outfit 2

This gorgeous and all-body-type flattering One Shoulder Jumpsuit is priced at $49 and sizes are from 2 to 24.

Complete The Look with these High Heel Strappy Sandal ($24.99) available in sizes 6 to 10, Hoop Detail Earrings ($16), Bangle Set ($22), and a clutch or wristlet of your choice. The heels are pictured in gold, but are also available in black, nude, and silver.

Outfit No. 3
All White Outfit 3

Last all white outfit includes this Zip Front Dress which is priced at $39.90 with sizes from S to L. The frills on both the hems of the sleeve and the dress give the dress unique accents for a fun girly look. I also like how the off-shoulder design makes me think of switching up the look by wearing a long flowy sleeveless duster!

Complete The Look with the Let’s Be Clear Crossbody Bag ($27.90) which has a removable zipped inner pouch, Tassel Trim Block Heels ($27.90) and the Caged Pineapple Drop Earrings ($5.90). The heels are also available in black and go from sizes 5.5 to 10. Earrings are available in fuchsia and yellow as well as the green pictured.

 20% OFF your purchase of $60 or more! Use code SPRINGBREAK!

These are just 3 of so many possibilities. And I hope they have helped you find some inspiration for your next all-white outfit.

What do you think about all-white dress codes? Would you rather go with a totally different color or even no dress code at all? Let me know what you think!



14 Replies to “All White Outfit Ideas”

  1. I really like these all-white outfit ideas! My personal fave is the first one, I love shirt dresses although it’s hit and miss whether they suit me or not! My only gripe with white is keeping it that way!

  2. Hey Yemi,

    Those outfits all look pretty good! I’d be interested to see a follow-up for the guys’ outfits – the ones who are coming to your Spring Break party, you know.

  3. Great ideas, Yemi! I haven’t given much thought to wearing all white outfits, but you have inspired me. Like wearing black, you can jazz things up in many different directions with the accessories. Hmm… should be fun to play with this Spring. Keep those ideas coming!!

  4. Oh My God, white is my favorite color and i do wear white a lot. Dresses you have shared looks awesome and I think I should but them too. I love your post, thank you so much for shsring these beautiful dress ideas.

    1. You are welcome Sarah! And you are one of the few (or maybe one of the many lol) who actually love white and wear it often! I think that is awesome!

  5. I adore that first shirt dress! I am so afraid to wear white – especially all white – because I am so clumsy and I spill things on myself all the time. lol But that dress is beautiful, so I may have to rethink that. 🙂 I also love, love, love those red earrings that are paired with it. What a nice pop of color. You are giving me some great ideas. And I need them because I’m not great at fashion! So, thank you!

    1. Haha! I feel the same way about white. I feel like no matter how hard I try keep it sparkling white, I will still end up with a stain.
      I’m glad you got some ideas for the post. And you’re very welcome!

  6. Gorgeous looks!! I am a bit obsessed with clothing, so I love your website! It is hard to stay fashionable as a mom with two young kiddos, so I love to see more affordable, but chic, easy to put together outfits like these.

    Awesome post. 🙂

  7. I love all white outfits and you’ve given me some great ideas here. Only trouble is I have to be very careful, especially when eating. I’m a bit clumsy… lol

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