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Hi and welcome to Complete Outfits Online where searching is no longer in your style!


Complete Outfits Online was born out of me constantly finding it difficult to pair pieces in my wardrobe to make a nice looking outfit that I would feel great in. Many times it would happen that I find something nice that I like, buy it, but only to try to wear it later and find out it doesn’t go well with ANYTHING in my closet! Or I would pair together something nice but wish I had the perfect bag or shoes to go with it. I know I’m not alone. Frustrating isn’t it?

I remember days when I would day-dream about being able to one day afford a personal stylist; someone who will shop full outfits, bring them to me, and all I have to do is put them all on, look fabulous, and be out the door! So far that day isn’t here 🙂


I believe there are many ladies who go through the same thing and feel the same way. This is why Complete Outfits came to be. The goal is to search out trendy items and put together well coordinated and stylish women s clothing outfits that won’t break the bank. To have all of that in one place is a great convenience. That’s why I say “searching is now out of your style.”

I truly hope you find everything you’re looking for here and are excited when you do, just as I always am when I’m putting these outfits together! And if you ever have any questions or think I may be of service in some way, feel free to leave me a message at yemi@completeoutfitsonline.com and I will be more than happy to reply.

All the best!



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